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Going On Road Trip

Your Roadmap to Health

Stephanie's Plant Based Jump Start Course gives you all the tools you need with a step-by-step program to LEARN all about the science and research behind a Plant Based Diet, develop a FORMULA to structure your daily meal routine, and INTEGRATE Plant Based and Lifestyle Medicine chronic disease reversal goals into your current Family Practice doctor visit.

Natural State of Health Plant-Based Jump Start Course

  • Intro video-instructions from Stephanie

  • Pantry prep and shopping list

  • Physician consultation instructions, baseline lab work

  • Printable Plant Based references for your physician, including a FREE CME (Continuing Medical Education) offer from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

  • Personalized Lab results worksheet

  • How strict do I need to be? Goals worksheet

  • ACLM Food as Medicine Jumpstart Kit

  • Class #1-Video:  "Where do You Get Your Protein?" Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN, DipACLM 1 hr, 52 minutes with printable pdf of slides

  • Fiber Journal Homework

  • Roadmap homework: Plant Based Food Group servings/day

  • Internet resources, recipes, books, documentaries

  • Broccoli sprouts info and research

  • Printable Recipes

  • and more!



Senior couple having fun in kitchen with healthy food - Retired people cooking meal at hom
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