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Plant Based for Health Overview (A Natural Way to Treat Chronic Disease)

  OR  Environmental aspects of Plant Based Nutrition


Minimum 15 participants required

1 hour  Zoom class

Q&A afterwards

Free of charge


Email Stephanie at if you want to learn more!


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Organize a “Live Zoom”  21 Day Plant-Based Challenge Course for your group


The organizer attends free of charge!


The course is divided into two 4 week periods


Part I

  • One two hour class per week for 4 weeks

    • Students learn the WHY’s and HOW’s of treating chronic disease states like Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and weight gain with Whole Food Plants.

    • Students will learn through

      • weekly homework assignments 

      • cooking assignments 

      • practical checklists

      • and gain perspective and track progress in bloodwork and health metrics on individualized worksheets

    • During the first 4 week period, students work to gradually transition to WFPB eating as they gain new knowledge about chronic disease reversal while learning new cooking skills.

Part II

  • After the 4th class, students dive into a 100% WFPB 21 Day Challenge and then repeat bloodwork and health metrics at the end of this period. 

  • We all return for our final group session at the end of Week 8 and share our Plant Based Transformation stories!


Students will also have access to all online course material and resources

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Under 15 participants:  Online pre recorded video course available, Cost: $149 each. 

Purchase at:


15-25 participants: Live Zoom Course-$134 each


26-35 participants: Live Zoom Course-$119 each


Contact Stephanie at to arrange Live Zoom Group courses.  We’ll work with your schedule!