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Is this you?

"I see the right way and approve it.  Alas, I follow the wrong."  

-Ovid, Metamorphoses

The rider, the elephant, and the path.

man on an elephant

There is a story about the rider on the elephant.  The elephant is our emotional mind, without self awareness or control, pulled by addictive dopamine urges.  The elephant is obviously the most powerful and quick-moving entity in this scenario.  The rider is the rational mind.  It knows following emotional impulses, especially in the realm of the food we eat, is destructive. The rational mind has self awareness and control, but can become lazy and easily exhausted, just following the elephant what a decision needs to be made. And yet most of us struggle to do what we know we need to do.  The path in front of the elephant is the environment we create. 

Proven strategies

when change is hard

Through the Accountability Club, we utilities 3 keys to behavior change:

Direct the rider: We utilize tools to give clear direction and reduce mental paralysis

Motivate the elephant: Find the emotional connection. Accountability buddies create a social cost to inaction. 

Shape the path: Learn strategies to set up your environment for success. Our Forum page gives threads of common downfall areas in which members share tips and tricks for overcoming environmental, social, logistical obstacles to staying on a PBD.

Monthly group meetings are a great way to share successes and struggles and gain support from fellow travellers on the journey.

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