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Navigating the Internet

When you embark upon a Plant-Based lifestyle, you may not know anyone in your family or at your church or social settings that knows about or is supportive of your new lifestyle.  This is where the internet comes in handy! We use many internet tools to make communication with like-minded people all across the country possible to support you in your Plant-Based journey.  Also, there are many resources available from Plant-Based leaders and physicians from different platforms that will help you to expand your knowledge base and support you on your

Plant-Based journey. 

Below are some tutorials to get you started with

different internet tools that we frequently use. 

How to Join a Zoom Meeting for the First Time

We use Zoom for Group and Individualized Coaching Sessions, as well as support group meetings.  Click on the box to the right to learn how to use Zoom for complete beginners. 

You Tube

You can learn a great deal about Plant-Based Nutrition from watching YouTube videos!  This tutorial explains how YouTube works and how to get started.  YouTube channels that I recommend are: 

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Dr. Klaper

Forks Over Knives

and my channel-Natural State Plant Based

I use Facebook to communicate with my students about WFPB grocery store finds, post WFPB recipes, research, and announcements.  Also, many Plant Based Specialty Physicians have Facebook pages from which you can learn much valuable information.  You can create a Facebook profile (you don't even have to use your real name) only to access Plant Based Facebook pages that will be helpful to you. You don't ever need to post any personal information on your Facebook page if you choose not to. 

For more information...

Check out for more information about understanding all the new computer technology that is continually emerging.  Easy to follow video tutorials and more-sponsored by AARP. 

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