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"You're as Old as Your Arteries!"


Shirtless, musculair 90 year old man carrying a shovel

Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN, DipACLM

Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

American College of Lifestyle Medicine


Intro & Prep        ​

  • Intro video-instructions from Stephanie

  • Pantry prep and shopping list

  • Physician consultation instructions, baseline lab work

  • Printable Plant Based references for your physician,                          including a FREE CME (Continuing Medical Education)                           offer from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

  • Personalized Lab results worksheet

  • How strict do I need to be? Goals worksheet

  • ACLM Food as Medicine Jumpstart Kit

$19 Value
Stephanie in front of a classroom full of students
"Where Do You Get Your Protein?" 
  • Class #1-Video:  "Where do You Get Your Protein?" Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN, DipACLM 1 hr, 52 minutes with printable pdf of slides

  • Fiber Journal Homework

  • Roadmap homework: Plant Based Food Group servings/day

  • Internet resources, recipes, books, documentaries

  • Broccoli sprouts info and research

  • Printable Recipes, resources, and more!

$39 Value
Stephanie in front of a picture of the hearts arteries, teaching a class

"You're as Old as Your Arteries!"

 Heart Disease and WFPB Nutrition


This is my favorite class! It is so empowering to understand the CAUSE of the #1 cause of death and learn the skills to prevent it!

  • Video: "You're as Old as Your Arteries!"  Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN, DipACLM.  1 hr, 58 minutes with printable pdf of slides

    • Underlying cause of 90% of heart attacks, proven dietary strategies​

    • High blood pressure, understanding salt, oil, nitric oxide

  • Cooking without oil

  • Homework assignments, further resources to understand cholesterol numbers, statins, stents

  • Social media resources for heart disease reversal, recipes and more!

$39 Value

Abstract Corals
Colorful grain bowl with beans, blueberries, sweet potatoes


2 FREE WFPB MEALS mailed to your door!                     

Stephanie is partnering with Whole Harvest Plant Based Meals to offer this limited time special.  With the purchase of Stephanie's "You're As Old As Your Arteries" Mini Course, you will receive a promo link in your welcome email to claim your 2 FREE WFPB meals from Whole Harvest. Get dinner mailed directly to your door!  There is no obligation to make further purchases to get the 2 Free Meals Promo.                  

This offer won't last long-don't miss out!

$40 Value


Make your Plant Based transition easy with Stephanie's "Hot off the Press" 46 page "Swap It!" Digital Cookbook that gives you delicious Plant Based alternatives to familiar favorites like lasagna, buffalo wings, cheesy soups, ranch dressing and even chocolate chip cookie dough!  

$14 Value

Swap It!. cookbook cover, photo of vegan 3 layer lasagna
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