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Your Roadmap to Health

Stephanie's Plant Based Jump Start Course gives you all the tools you need with a step-by-step program to LEARN all about the science and research behind a Plant Based Diet, develop a FORMULA to structure your daily meal routine, and INTEGRATE Plant Based Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine chronic disease reversal goals into your current Primary Care doctor's visit.

Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN, DipACLM

Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

American Board of Lifestyle Medicine

Natural State of Health Plant-Based Jump Start Course

  • Intro video-instructions from Stephanie

  • Pantry prep and shopping list

  • Physician consultation instructions, baseline lab work and biometrics worksheet (so you can compare results before and after!)

  • Printable Plant Based references to give to your physician, resources from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine about continuing education,  research on down-titrating medications for patients switching to a WFPBD and more!

  • Personalized Lab results worksheet

  • How strict do I need to be? Goals worksheet

  • ACLM Food as Medicine Jumpstart Kit

  • Class #1-Video:  "Where do You Get Your Protein?" Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN, DipACLM     1 hr, 52 minutes with printable pdf of slides

  • Fiber Journal Homework

  • Roadmap homework: Plant Based Food Group- how many servings of what should I eat/day?

  • Stephanie's recommended further expert resources, recipes, books, documentaries

  • Broccoli sprouts info and research

  • Video Smoothie Tutorial

  • Stephanie's Printable Recipes

  • I'm partnering with Whole Harvest  to bring you 2 FREE WFPB MEALS (a $40 value) mailed to your door! (promo link in welcome email) there is no obligation to purchase more meals to get the 2 free promo meals

  • Stephanie's social media resources

  • and more!



Jump Start total package value: $96

Your Price Today: $29
Senior couple having fun in kitchen with healthy food - Retired people cooking meal at hom



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