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The Complete 21 Day Plant Based Challenge Course covers it all! It  includes the complete Jump Start Course, Tackling Diabetes with Plants, Heart Disease, and Weight Loss Mini Courses.  Also has a Wrap up Course for after they complete the 21 Day Challenge. 


ALSO  includes:  

Bonus #1:  FREE Group Coaching Session with Stephanie  

Bonus #2:  Enrollment in our ongoing monthly Food Is Medicine Club Support Group!

Bonus #3:  2 WFPB meals mailed to your door from Whole Harvest

Bonus #4:  All courses also include the "Swap It" Cookbook! 


Last year, 85% of gift-buyers said they were focusing on finding a gift that would be meaningful to their loved ones. There is nothing more precious than the gift of health! After purchase, you will receive an email with a printable Gift Card that you can present to your loved one that contains a coupon code which will allow them to access the course for free. To learn more about the Click HERE for complete details.

Gift Card-21 Day Plant Based Challenge Complete Course

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